Students and industry

With our multi-faceted Melbourne Experiential Learning Opportunities (MELO) program, the University of Melbourne embeds hands-on experiences – through internships, volunteering, engaging with the community, or industry projects – into both undergraduate and graduate degree courses.

MELO internships and industry projects

Internships provide our students with the chance to put their knowledge into practice by working on-site for a company and contributing to projects and tasks that are suitable for their experience and skill levels.

Industry projects enable students to collaborate on a real-world project from our wide range of industry partners.

Experiential Learning curriculum alignment

The MELO projects are set up to align with individual semesters for the convenience of both students and our industry partners. However, as part of the FlexAP project, ways to make experiential learning opportunities and our curriculum integrate even more effectively and flexibly are currently being explored.

Experiential Learning represents the engagement between University staff, students and industry partners, who work together to enhance a learning experience that benefits all parties.