Melbourne curriculum

The Melbourne curriculum combines a globally innovative curriculum, an excellent student experience and a commitment to facilitating outstanding career outcomes.

Melbourne curriculum

The Melbourne curriculum is designed to help students maximise their strengths, discover new ones and stand out in the workplace.

Students start with an undergraduate degree, developing a deep understanding of their chosen area of interest and a breadth of knowledge across multiple disciplines. On graduation they can enter the workforce, or progress to one of over 400 specialised graduate programs.

The Melbourne curriculum lets learners design their own study path while developing the knowledge, skills and interdisciplinary perspectives they need to thrive in every kind of future.

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Support and learning environment

Our curriculum is complemented by expanded student support services and high-quality learning spaces and facilities, and by an increasing range of opportunities for experiential learning and international experiences.

Our approach combines these elements to help students learn the necessary creative, problem-solving and communication skills to distinguish themselves and achieve excellence in their chosen career.

Growing Esteem 2015 - 2020 frames teaching, learning and the student experience as one of the strands of our core triple helix.

Growing Esteem 2015 – 2020